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Setup, Legos and the inspector of East Troy, WI

It was finally done... from a #Lego model to layout optimal #workflow for the Renu(c) devices to the size of the decal on the front door. Nine aggressive months to setup, plan and execute the creation of a new contract manufacturing company off I-43 in Wisconsin.

Lego model of sterilization work flow layout prior to implementation
Lego model of facility workflow

Permits were pulled, inspections are done to setup and execute the construction in record time. Water purity (kinda important for #steamsterilization) was as important as temperature sensor calibration. We felt we had thought of everything! Partnering with #malkansolutions to get the #QMS setup and certified was the longest item after the construction was over.

Waterflow to purify steam for the sterilizer
Water flow diagram

One would think that after filtering the water (filter is a ONE WAY Process) through carbon, softener, RO, 0.1 micron there would be an established water flow in a uni-direction format with little or NO risk of backflow into the main water line. INCORRECT! we had to install a #backflowprotection into the main line due to code (which our plumber, site crew, and onsite inspection) missed!

Morale of the story - there is one little thing that the village will want you to do... pay attention to the details!

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