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Kashyap Malkan

Kashyap Malkan, esteemed founder and CEO of Advasaf, has thrived in the medical device industry for over two decades, demonstrating his multifaceted skills in project management, business analysis, analytics, and process enhancement. His leadership prowess is exemplified by his achievements as a Six Sigma Blackbelt and Lean Leader, garnered through his notable tenure at organizations including GE Healthcare, Rockwell Automation, Carefusion, and BD.

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My Story

Kashyap Malkan, the distinguished CEO of Advasaf, brings to the helm an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the medical device sector, marked by his noteworthy contributions to renowned Fortune 500 medical device manufacturers.

His journey through the industry has been a series of prestigious milestones, including significant roles at esteemed organizations such as GE, Rockwell Automation, Carefusion, and BD. Throughout his tenure, Kashyap's responsibilities have been multifaceted, covering Engineering, Sourcing, and Quality, where he has consistently exhibited prowess in these domains.

Kashyap's proficiency extends beyond the surface, with his well-rounded expertise encompassing project management, business analysis, analytics, and process enhancement. Notably, he brings a wealth of auditing experience, having dedicated 14 years to this discipline. His impressive credentials include the prestigious designations of a Six Sigma Blackbelt and Lean Leader, affirming his acumen in the realm of operational optimization.

Further underlining his competence, Kashyap holds the esteemed titles of an ASQ Certified Auditor and PMI Project Management Professional. His strong educational foundation, consisting of a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Engineering & Quality, underscores his dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

In his remarkable journey, Kashyap has consistently surpassed organizational objectives, demonstrating his prowess as a strategic leader who readily embraces escalating responsibilities. He has become an invaluable asset to renowned industry leaders such as GE, Rockwell, Carefusion, and BD.

Beyond his illustrious career in the medical device industry, Kashyap Malkan reveals another facet of his well-rounded persona – a deep-seated passion for cricket and motorcycles. As the driving force behind Youth Cricket Wisconsin, he has dedicated himself to fostering a vibrant cricket community, providing budding talents with the necessary resources and guidance to excel in the sport throughout Wisconsin. Youth Cricket Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization, which emerged from a collective vision of Advasaf to contribute to the community through youth sports. The endeavor aimed to foster community connections, instill valuable character traits among participants, and spread the joy of the game of cricket. 

When he's not busy leading in the medical device industry or fostering the growth of cricket among Wisconsin's youth, he can often be found cruising the open roads on his beloved motorcycle. His passion for the thrill of the ride reflects his adventurous spirit and his love for exploration.

Despite his professional commitments and adventurous pursuits, Kashyap always makes time for his most cherished role as a loving parent and devoted family man. Whether it's engaging in exciting outdoor activities with his children or creating lasting memories with his family, Kashyap values the importance of quality time and meaningful connections.

This blend of professional excellence and personal interests truly defines Kashyap as a multifaceted leader, steering Advasaf and his clients towards new horizons.


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