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Troy Rhudy

Troy Rhudy, a seasoned Business Development Executive with prior experience as CEO of a notable Fortune 500 medical device company, drives business growth and strategic initiatives in the healthcare sector. Recognized for his leadership, market acumen, and successful partnerships, Troy maintains a commitment to innovation and excellence, emphasizing collaborative efforts and tailored solutions for clients.

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My Story

I started out on my career path in the chemical industry, working in a laboratory developing air purifying absorbents and catalysts for breathing air filters.  Working for what was essentially a start-up division of a family-owned company, we were a very small team, and so I had the great fortune of also covering sales duties.  I travelled all over the US to meet with our customers and learn about their products and needs.  I’d take that customer information back to our lab, where our small team would modify product formulations or develop completely new types of products to enable our customers’ product performance.  The early real-life lesson of listening first, then responding to the actual needs of customers as a successful growth strategy has been critical in every business I’ve worked in since those early days.

Over the years, I’ve led increasingly larger teams in the US and internationally to create and deliver growth strategies for sole proprietors, family owners, private equity, and large corporations, creating value for our customers and shareholders through an intense focus on the customer.  At Advasaf, I’m incredibly excited to be part of a team that naturally aligns with a customer-centric approach, with the experience and talent to deliver the types of solutions today’s medical device markets demand.

When I’m not busy working to support our client base, I enjoy hiking and fly fishing the mountains of central Colorado.



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