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Vikram Malkan

Vikram Malkan, an experienced Quality Assurance Manager and Regulatory Affairs Associate in the medical device industry, demonstrates exceptional problem-solving skills and meticulous attention to detail. Trained in ISO 27001, his commitment to upholding the highest standards of data security and privacy is evident.

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My Story

Vikram Malkan, a seasoned Quality Assurance Manager and Regulatory Affairs Associate, brings a wealth of experience and expertise from his extensive tenure in the medical device industry. With a robust background as a quality manager, Vikram is dedicated to tackling even the most complex challenges, demonstrating a passion for problem-solving and a keen eye for detail.

Trained in ISO 27001 and deeply passionate about cybersecurity, Vikram exemplifies a commitment to ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy within the healthcare sector. His proactive approach and thorough understanding of regulatory compliance make him a valuable asset in navigating the intricate landscape of cybersecurity within the medical device industry.

Beyond his professional commitments, Vikram cherishes the quality time spent with his father, fostering strong bonds and treasuring moments of shared joy and wisdom. Additionally, he immerses himself in the captivating world of video games, finding both excitement and relaxation in the virtual realm.

Moreover, Vikram's passion for adventure comes to life as he seeks solace and inspiration during his thrilling motorcycle escapades. Engulfed in the invigorating freedom of the open road, he embodies a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to both work and life, exemplifying his unwavering passion for innovation and exploration.

This blend of cherished family time, virtual adventures, and exhilarating motorcycle journeys truly underscores Vikram's multifaceted and spirited approach to both his personal and professional endeavors.


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