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Electron Beam

E-beam sterilization utilizes high-energy electrons to sterilize medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. By disrupting microorganisms' genetic material, it prevents their replication. Electron beam radiation technology generates an electron shower by accelerating electrons through an evacuation tube and focusing them into a beam using magnets. This method's capacity to penetrate packaging materials without leaving radioactive residue makes it valuable. E-beam sterilization is fast and efficient, particularly in industries where traditional methods are inadequate, although its implementation demands specialized equipment and expertise for safety and efficacy. 

How Is E-Beam Sterilization Performed?

The e-beam inactivates microorganisms either by causing microbial death as a direct effect of the destruction of a vital molecule or by an indirect chemical reaction. Advanced electronics precisely control the use of electrons in the sterilization of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Is E-Beam Sterilization Similar To Gamma Sterilization?

E-beam irradiation is very similar to gamma radiation sterilization as being an ionizing energy but the difference is its high dosage rates and low penetration.

How Does E-Beam Sterilize?

Primarily high-energy electron beam processing is used, typically at 10MeV, to ensure sufficient penetration of electrons. The e-beam is able to penetrate medical devices and pharmaceutical products in their final shipping containers.

What Is E-Beam Sterilization?

Electron beam sterilization is a form of radiation sterilization that utilizes beta particles to inactivate microbes. Electron beam systems scan medical devices with focused electrons (beta particles) to sterilize them. 

What Dictates If E-Beam Sterilization Can Be Used?

Electron beam sterilization is employed to disinfect medical devices that contain radiation-sensitive materials with complex geometry. As electron beam processing operates within a lower dose range than gamma, there is less damage to plastic components.

How Does E-Beam Sterilize?

Electron absorption by the product undergoing sterilization destroys the DNA of any live microbes. The mechanism of microbial DNA destruction is called DNA chain cleavage. DNA chain cleavage occurs by changing the DNA’s chemical and molecular bonds.

Advasaf Offering

We offer E-Beam sterilization services through our dedicated in-house sterilizers strategically positioned across various locations in the USA.

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