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Contract Manufacturing &
Sterilization Services 

Offering Comprehensive Services for

Packaging, Manufacturing, Testing and Validation


Advasaf Sterilization 

Advasaf  Sterilization provides contract sterilization, laboratory testing, and product and packaging testing services to manufactures of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and industrial products.

We support our Customers throughout the sterilization process with a comprehensive offering of testing and validation services, including microbiological, analytical, and product and packaging testing.

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Sterilization Technologies helps create a healthier and safer world not only for patients, but for our employees, the communities in which we live and work, and the environment.

While our footprint is local to Midwest region in USA, we are proud of our global partners and teams who are committed to ensuring that we continue to meet or exceed country and regional requirements for the operations of our sterilization facilities.

Our Services

Contract Sterilization

Global contract sterilization and microbial reduction services using a technology-neutral offering of radiation and gas technologies.

Testing Services

Testing and validation services to support the sterilization process, including microbiological, analytical, and product and packaging testing.

Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing includes purchasing, assembling, filling, labeling and final packaging of medical devices and combination products. 

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Steam Sterilization Capability

Consolidated Medium Lab Series Sterilizers are designed
to sterilize at temperatures between 212° F and 275° F
(100° C and 135° C) through the use of steam.


Quality Equipment

Type 316L stainless steel inner chambers are polished
to a high luster finish and passivated. Pressure vessels are
welded in compliance with ASME Section VIII, Division I.

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