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Florida tradeshow n future of sterilization

Miami, FL USA is a world in itself. Having our first experience of a #tradeshow, in #Miami at that was a out of the world. I was told hosting a booth at a show would require planning, tons of material and long hours on your feet. Talking sterilization technology as US based company will be tiring and repetitive.

Airbnb Miami
View from our Airbnb

Things started off well with our choice of stay... having the team together in the Airbnb with a gorgeous view of the city, the ocean and the pool was a steroid shot for us. The marketing material was all pre-delivered and ready to setup within minutes. Drive to the conference center was short with adequate parking!

Having a strong team to backup a powerful message was a huge key to success of this show. The motivation to succeed was evident in each of the team members attending. We do provide #contractsterilization, #laboratorytesting, and product and packaging testing services to manufactures of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and industrial products.

Having fun was part of the whole experience. Getting to drive around Miami and night out at the spa was a memorable journey.

Next steps to follow up with our customers and projects is key to success of any show! We are looking to help you with your next idea!

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